Violinist Karen Humle

Masterclass: New Paths to Transformational Coaching

Masterclass: New Paths to Transformational Coaching

 Music, Improvisation and Presence

Coaching Master Class withJeff Staggs, MCC, & Karen Humle, Violinist
June 21st and 22nd 2012,  ConferenceCampus on Gyldenholm Gods, Sealand

(14 ICF CCEs Applied For)

This Master Class is for experienced coaches, who are ready to extend the boundaries of their own coaching mastery.

The intertwining of music and masterful coaching in this workshop will open entirely new paths and capabilities for you to deepen your coaching.  How? Our Formula: Combine two masters from divergent fields, mix the two disciplines in surprising and provocative ways, add multiple perspectives, whole-person-learning, play, your brilliance and you get:

  • A host of new distinctions for listening, sensing, and how to be present as a coach to more fully and deeply serve your clients
  • A new model for Whole-Listening to inform your coaching
  • Develop your own signature presence and ability to improvise with what clients bring to coaching – not just content, but the whole of who they “BE.”
  • Develop your ability to hear and move between multiple levels of listening
  • New ways to use music and improvisation to continue to practice and integrate new insights into your coaching following the workshop.
  • A new personal practice to build your competency and apply what you have learned in the workshop to your ongoing coaching

Why? Music has the power to touch that, which is most deeply human in us.  It can elicit all kinds of experience and inform us and move us in ways that extend far beyond what can be put into words.  Coaching, at its best, is not about the words but also about tapping into and releasing our deepest human potential.  By combining both, we have found new ways to open access to these deeper human dimensions within the coaching relationship.  This enables us to make clearer distinctions in our listening, presence, and understanding of our selves and our clients.  These fresh distinctions will create openings for sensing and knowing how to create new possibilities in how you engage your clients

The Form? It will be strongly co-creative with Jeff and Karen leading us through shorter presentations, dialogue, coaching, music, listening games, exercises and sparring.   The interweaving of the two disciplines will expand and enlarge your awareness and distinctions for the possibilities within yourself, the coaching relationship, and the spaces in between. The result will be that you learn, sense more deeply and trust what is beyond the words to create new possibilities in the improvisational dance with your clients.

Who? You will be with Masters from two different backgrounds – Jeff Staggs a Master Certified Coach from the US and Karen Humle, a Violinist from Denmark, who come together with the same intention to co-create a unique workshop to deepen our coaching mastery.

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